Our Cabinets

With an almost endless choice in cabinets out there, it's very important to know a little more about what your getting.

That's why it's important to base your decision on more than just looks on the outside. Equally important is the materials and workmanship that goes into your cabinet.

About Cabinet Construction

Did you know that the average 'Big Box' cabinet manufacturer spends about 80% of there budget on the front of the cabinet. The other 20% goes to the sides, top, bottom and shelves.

What that means is the cabinet box and shelves will often be made from particle board or MDF (compressed paper fibers). While most people expect this from assemble yourself furniture, it's really not something you want in your cabinets.

Our Cabinets4

We believe there's a better way...

Our cabinets are made from quality materials and never contain particle or fiber board.

All panels are constructed from select grade plywood with real wood veneers. These materials provide the most strength and durability, ensuring your cabinets will last a life time.

All shelves are made from solid 3/4" hardwoods like maple and oak. Not only does it look better, your shelves will never suffer from the "sags".

Drawer Boxes

Our drawers are made from solid maple, glued and dovetailed for the most durable construction.

Dove Tail

We take a lot of pride in the hard work and craftsmanship that goes into our cabinets. Tha same kind of hard work and pride goes into every project we install them in.

After all, whats on the inside is just as important as whats on the outside.